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Our workflow tools were designed and built by industry veterans.
Bring your entire hiring workflow under one roof with Glidepath.


Hosted Career Site

Display your open jobs with a hosted career site, listing all of your positions in a clean, easy to read format that you can link to directly from your corporate website.

Streamlined Applications

Applicants can apply in just a few seconds, providing only their name, email, phone number, and a digital copy of their resume. Stop losing applicants due to a long, intrusive apply process.

Screening Questions

Save time reviewing unqualified applicants with easy to create screening questionnaires. As candidates submit their application, they can be presented with “knock out” questions or questions designed to help structure a more efficient phone screen.

Mobile Apply

Mobile friendly formatting and streamlined application flow allows job seekers to easily review your jobs and apply from their mobile device, removing obstacles for top talent to apply.”

Application Alerts

For the job openings you choose, we’ll send the applicant’s name, job applied for, and a brief profile to your inbox as soon as an application is received so you can respond to strong applicants quickly.

Uniform Profile Formatting

By parsing all resumes into a unified format, Glidepath allows you to evaluate all candidates based on their merits versus their ability to format a resume.

Performance Metrics

With view and apply data for each job, along with source code tracking for any “out of network” postings, you can make informed purchasing decisions, doubling down on what is working and quickly dismissing what isn’t.

Dynamic Configurations

Easily control access by an unlimited number of users to job posts and applicants. Our flexible user configuration allows you to easily set both user level and job level permissions.

Collaborative Rating System

Display your open jobs with a hosted career site, listing all of your positions in a clean, easy to read format that you can link to directly from your corporate website.

Global Hiring Dashboard

See the number of applicants in each stage of the hiring process for all of your jobs in a single view. Spend your time focusing on areas that need attention instead of chasing status updates.

What our clients are saying…

  • Glidepath is an absolute no brainer! The simple interface requires almost no training to get started and the intuitiveness of the tool made it simple to implement. As we grow our team, Glidepath will be our applicant tracking system of choice.

    Jason Hutcheson- CEO Iconic Digital Media

  • Glidepath gives me just what I need. If you are looking for a simple, effective, and easy-to-use platform, I highly recommend Glidepath.

    Troy Clymer – CEO Balanced Claims, LLC

  • I really love the level of service I get from Glidepath

    Ryan Marton – Executive Recruiter – Survival Systems – SSI

  • We have been EXTREMELY pleased with the service that Glidepath offers. Simple and easy to use, streamlined process of tracking potential new hires, AND the customer service has been off the charts. We plan on growing our relationship with Glidepath for a long time.

    James Hill – National Manager- National Agency Alliance

  • Glidepath helps me save time by posting my job to dozens of premium job boards. It’s also more cost effective than posting to individual sites.

    Amy Wilson – Business Operations & HR Manager, INDIQUE