Subscription Plans

Glidepath offers flexible, month-to-month pricing and requires no long-term commitment. As needs change, plans can be adjusted on a monthly basis. Discounts are offered for annual commitments. If you are interested, please contact us at [email protected] or call 317-602-1510.
Subscription plans can be increased to the next tier at any time, but once a monthly billing cycle has started and your credit card has been invoiced, you can’t decrease to a lower tier until the following month.
While we don’t support fully customized slot tiers, we can break them down in increments of 5. The established tiers are (3, 5,10,15,20,25,30, 50, and 100). For pricing and to discuss custom solutions, contact us at [email protected] or call 317-602-1510.

Only Credit card payments are currently accepted for all established subscription tiers. If you are considering a custom campaign or project and wish to discuss alternative billing arrangements, contact [email protected] or call 317-602-1510.


AMPLIFY is a “one off” enhanced job promotion service that helps to significantly elevate the visibility of a job. For only $100, AMPLIFYing a job will increase its exposure across the Glidepath Network and ensure that it is promoted in job seeker alerts sent to the inboxes of relevant candidates across the network. When posting a job, you’ll be asked if you want to AMPLIFY it. Simply click yes and follow the instructions. Or, if you’d like to AMPLIFY a previously posted job, go to the jobs page and click on the title of the job you want to AMPLIFY. Once there, click on the AMPLIFY button and follow the instructions.
While a subscription Service Plan will allow you to publish and distribute the number of jobs that fall within the tier you have selected, AMPLIFYing your jobs provides a significant lift in sponsorship placement along with inclusion in jobseeker alerts, providing on average, a 3X impact on apply volume. Glidepath’s most successful clients have a subscription agreement to cover ALL their jobs and then selectively Amplify those jobs that have extra urgency or those that are more high priority.
No, Amplified jobs are “in addition to” the number of job slots you have available, depending on your subscription tier. For example, if you have a ten (10) job slot subscription tier and you decide to Amplify one of your jobs, you will “free up” a posting slot in which you can add another job.
While a weekly refresh option is available for premium jobs, Amplified jobs include auto-refresh and do NOT require doing so manually.


Promoted jobs are job postings that are active and set for distribution to our premium job board partners at any given time. For example, If you subscribe to three (3) promoted jobs, then you can post three jobs for premium distribution. Additional jobs posted beyond your purchased number of job slots can be ‘Posted’ to your Job Opportunities page, but will not be distributed out to the Glidepath Network.
No, Glidepath automatically distributes your promoted jobs to our entire network of job board partners. It is not necessary to pick and choose the boards you’d like your job to appear on. All you do is click ‘Publish’ and we’ll do the rest!
If you consistently recruit for the same position, you may leave your job posted and open for an unlimited period of time. It is recommended, however, that you periodically “refresh” your job posting date by clicking the “set to today” link on the job overview page. This keeps your job from growing stale and ensures consistent applicant flow. Jobs can be refreshed up to one time per week.
Glidepath is always on the lookout for new job board partners and continues to add to its network. If you have a favorite job board you would like us to include, please let us know.
At this time, Glidepath supports and focuses on the recruiting of applicants within the United States. Should we expand internationally, we will let you know.
New job posts typically take 12-24 hours to reach all boards within the Glidepath network and another day for the relay of job seeker email alerts. A good rule of thumb is to expect to start seeing applicants a day after posting and to expect your best response flow starting about 48 hours after posting.
All job posts on Glidepath require a city, state and zip code specific to the job’s location. This increases job visibility in the geographic region of the job, however all job posts are searchable nationwide.
Jobs remain posted and visible as long as they remain published to the Glidepath network. It is recommended, however, that you periodically refresh your job to maintain its effectiveness. To do so, simply click the “Set to today” link on the job overview page.
Glidepath will send you an email notification each time an applicant applies for a posted job. This notification contains a brief applicant summary along with a link to the full applicant profile within Glidepath. If your account has multiple users, you may select who you wish to receive these email notification when you create your job.
You may add your logo to your account so that it appears on your Job Opportunity Page and applicant apply pages. To add your logo to your account, simply click on the “Settings” tab, the “Jobs” button, and then the “Edit/upload logo” link.